Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Walking Dead Ep. 514, Spend

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 14: Spend

TV rating


ZPAA rating

Adults only

Offensive content

Back to the gore levels of the season opener with plenty of zombie-on-human violence with blood and torn flesh; human-on-human violence; plenty of bad language and attitudes; plenty of tense situations.

Synopsis & Review

The power cells are on the fritz so Glenn and a few others go out on a supply run for tech supplies. The warehouse they go to is dark inside and has a section full of zombies, so naturally things go poorly for them.

Meanwhile, back in Alexandria, Daryl leaves on a recruiting hunt, leaving Rick under the influence of Carol, who has turned a bit psycho. Rick also seems to be sliding into her way of thinking. They've stolen guns from Alexandria's stash and one family may already know about it. They are the same family where Rick was hitting on the wife in last week's episode, so he's twice as motivated to do something wrong about the situation.

Father Gabriel is also clearly disturbed, though he tries to warn Alexandria's leader Deanna that Rick and company are evil. He's too high strung to be completely convincing but Deanna has a lot to think about. She better think quick!

The episode is clearly setting things up for the season end (which I'm guessing will probably be the end of Alexandria as well). The gore was too much for my taste, hopefully it will get scaled back like it did after the season opener. We'll see...

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