Monday, March 30, 2015

Random Kid Pix March 2015

Here's some more random pictures of the kids that didn't have enough story to make their own individual posts.

Recent discoveries from the archives have uncovered some pictures from Britain that never got posted!

Last Easter, I think

L loves to craft and used some of her Playmais to make hammer-hands like in the Spy Kids movies.

L is ready to fight

L loves face paint. I don't remember what this was from but clearly it was a light blue day all around.

Butterfly and cookies

We have a plethora of old and new Wedgits pictures, including L's first puzzle.

Must be the same face paint but later in the day

J and the Tower of Britain

L's March 2015 creation

A friend's creation and L's puzzle

L has forayed into robotics as well with this construction paper contraption.

L's pink robot (N afraid)

L is trying to improve her prayer life. To help, she made a rosary out of Cheerios and marshmallows. It looks good enough to eat, which she did.

Cheerio rosaries currently out of stock

N also has some cute pictures. One from his sleep, another from Grandmama's birthday!

Sleeping in the pack and play

Grandmama and N

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