Wednesday, October 19, 2016

21st Annual Farm Heritage Days, Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum Part One

The Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum had a heritage days festival in September. My daughter and I went and saw a lot of cool stuff. The museum has a lot of old farm equipment on display, though more than usual was out for the festival.

Hasn't moved in a while

An older tractor

A thresher

Blue and red waggon

Farmall tractor

Allis Chalmers tractor

A buggy

Classic cars were also on display. My daughter wasn't very interested, so we didn't get very close or see much detail.

Classic car show

Old Ford?

By the main building, model railroaders displayed their trains. We looked more closely at these and had some very interesting conversations. Their engines are steam powered, using tiny pieces of coal or kerosene for heat. The engines are built just like their full-size counterparts, even being inspected by real inspectors. The track was one big oval. They had a hard time setting up the track so that it was flat all the way around on the grass.

Authentic steam from the engines

Passenger car

A tractor took us further back into the museum where we saw the one room school and no electricity house, which have appeared on the blog before.

Hay ride with potato chips

A barn had a bunch of farm equipment on display. My daughter loved the doll house!

Variety of farm equipment


Old time equipment




Mail truck!

A great big doll house

Open in the back

Details of the staircase

Full-sized construction equipment showed off their ability to lift, move, and otherwise deal with dirt.

Construction equipment not actually constructing anything

More in the next post!

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