Monday, October 3, 2016

Cute Kid Pix September 2016

More pictures from events that weren't big enough to have their own post!

My wife and children went to visit her cousin and her children at the National Zoo. They didn't take too many pictures and the ones they did take were all too shocking!

They visited the elephant exhibit which has a display about how much elephants eat and what that turns into later on. Why are they showing actual samples of the final result!?!

My son next to a tube of turds

The outside exhibit was more pleasant, featuring a big pool for the elephants. I wonder if the kiddie elephants are like the kiddie humans and don't get out of the pool if they have to do number one...

Why does the water look green?

My daughter tried to convince herself of the innocence of what is going on. The sign was helpful.

Reading a G-rated version of Asian Elephant Life

In other news, we had to buy new kitchen scissors. You'd think it would be a simple process, but the pair I brought home had a problem...

A nice pair of kitchen shears featuring... small problem

That little cable tie meant I needed a pair of scissors to open up my pair of scissors!

Desk scissors to the rescue!

The first day of school went well. The only problem was the toddler, who also wanted to get on the bus with his brother and sister. Hopefully he will remember this enthusiasm in three years!

The first day's bus

At our local playground (popularly known as the "purple playground"), the toddler has slowly been working his nerve up to try slides by himself, without holding hands or anything. So far, he rides with his brother to the delight of all.

Action shot!

A good ending

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