Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Larriland Farm 2016

We went with our friends to Larriland Farm for some Fall festivities. We've been to the farm several times over the years (here, here, and here), so here's some highlights of new stuff we did and saw.

At the entrance is a big red barn where fresh fruits, vegetables, and other farm produce and products are sold. We enjoyed the bins of various pumpkins and squash. My daughter took a fancy to the apple squash and the goose gourds. We didn't buy any, though.

Apple squash

Goose gourds

We arrived early so we decided to wait for our friends by the entrance. Some of the pumpkins were so big that they made good seats. Unfortunately, the sun was so big that it made the day much warmer than the mid-60s temperature.

Trouble seeing; enjoying a honey stick

The grounds of the farm have all sorts of cutouts that make fun photo ops for the kids, as long as they are tall enough. My son is finally big enough to be a farmer with out a stool!

Fun with cutouts

The farm features a boo barn (a kid-friendly haunted house) and a hay bale maze, both of which were fun but not photographable. We also went on the hayride through the farm, which was fun for all.

Hayriding the day away

Farm fields

One happy rider

Showing off a stamp

View of the lake from the hay cart

We also ate apple fritters and kettle korn (which is disturbing to my son, he always asks why they misspell "korn"!). We went apple picking but the orchards were already thoroughly picked over (we were there on a Sunday afternoon), so we didn't find much. We did buy a carving pumpkin and a toddler pumpkin for the toddler who was napping at home.

Regular and toddler pumpkins

Small apple harvest

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