Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Boston Common and Public Garden Part II

A continuation of yesterpost...

We admired more of the garden before discovering the statue of Edward Everett Hale, another Unitarian minister and the grand-nephew of Nathan Hale, colonial spy executed during the American Revolution.

More gardens

Edward Everett Hale

We then crossed Charles Street and headed into Boston Common, which has a lot more open green space. One big event held here was the first Mass offered by Pope Saint John Paul II in America on October 1, 1979.

Entering the Common

Memorial to Papal Mass

We saw a statue in the distance that interested me, but something much closer caught the attention of the children.

Statue on a hill

Carousel nearby!

We took a ride on the carousel which provided a fun break from the sunshine.

My daughter on a zebra

My son looks back

The field is also famous (or at least it has a memorial) for the Oneida Football Club of Boston, the first such club in the United States that went undefeated from 1862 to 1865.

Oneida Football Club memorial

Nearby a relief commemorates the founding of Boston in 1630.

Boston founding!

We finally made it up the hill to discover the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, erected in 1877 featuring prominent Bostonian military men from the American Civil War era.

The base of the statue

The memorial from the back

The memorial from the front

Front base

By the memorial is a sea mine like the ones used in World War I to blockade the North Sea. Such a memorial struck us as odd--it commemorates the mine layers and sweepers from World War I.

Mine Memorial

We stopped for a quick snack at one of the many carts in the park and then discovered Brewer Fountain, a piece from the 1876 Paris Expo.

Brewers Fountain

Sculpture detail

The north end of the Common has the best feature, at least according to my children--the Tadpole Playground!

Entrance to Tadpole Playground

As the name implies, there is plenty of water available for splashing and getting wet. If we had known, we might have dressed more appropriately. The kids had fun anyway.

Inside the playground

Climbing up

Sliding down

Not so far down

Tough rings

Froggy waters!

We had lunch and then headed back to the hotel for a fine siesta.

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