Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Random Bits of Boston

One of our hotel shuttle's drop off points was by the Boston Public Library, which is an impressive edifice if nothing else. We did go in once...to change a diaper. We actually didn't see any books, which my older son remarked upon. The book are well protected.

Boston Public Library

Front doors

 Flanking the front doors are two statues. On the left is one memorializing scientists; on the right is another for artists.

Lady Science?

Lady Art?

Across the street is Copley Square, which features a farmers' market several times a week (or so the shuttle driver told me). 

Copley Square with market

Copley Square also has a fun sculpture of the tortoise and the hare. My children were happy to pose. Getting a photo where they were all looking in the same direction was a bit of a challenge.

No wonder the tortoise is slow--two riders!

A sassy hare!

The plaza is named after John Singleton Copley, a portrait painter from the late 1700s and early 1800s. He lived in both London and Boston.

John Singleton Copley

The plaza has a church, Trinity Church, that reminded us of many of the churches in Europe--it was undergoing a face lift! We have almost fond memories of scaffolding-covered cathedrals in Germany, Spain, and Belgium.

Trinity Church, Copley Square

The chapter house, also getting some work done

We rode the subway in Boston. I was with the children and must have looked particularly beleaguered since one of the transit workers offered my children an activity book each. They also each received a set of crayons for the activity book!

MBTA activity book

Unfortunately, the toddler developed a habit of pooping on mass transit, requiring some waits for a diaper change (like our one trip inside the public library) or, in one case, a stairwell change with the older kids standing guard!

Near Boston Common is Arlington Street Church, which was charming enough for a photo.

Arlington Street Church

Our toddler was manic about pushing the buttons for our hotel elevator and swiping the card key for our hotel room door. One day, my daughter did it instead of him which turned into the classic meltdown--he was so mad he couldn't even stand.

Or he was appreciating the fireworks carpet in the hotel hallway

We did a very quick visit to MIT for the kooky-looking buildings.

King Kong might have given it a punch

Inside are fun scientific gizmos and displays, as well as tributes to some of the greats.

Digi-Comp II

Greats of horror classics

More greats of horror classics

Outside are some fun house-style mirrors that the children loved. And more kooky architecture.

Bricks made of mirrors?

More fun shapes

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