Monday, July 10, 2017

Cute Kid Pix June 2017

More pictures that didn't merit their own blog post but were too cute not to share...

We joined a local pool so the older kids could have swimming lessons over the summer. The toddler also loves the water and he loves emulating heroes too...

Before they were teenagers, they were toddler mutant ninja turtles

The library had a bunch of storytimes. We went to a special one focused on Clifford the Big Red Dog. The craft at the end had the children making a Clifford headband. The most fun thing was at home trying to get adults to put it on properly. Nobody could guess the proper orientation (they thought the nose was an antenna or something).

Coloring the ears

I don't have to put this on, do I?

Looking cute

Another trip to the library had a picnic themed storytime with a popsicle craft, including an actual popsicle stick!

Trying to open the glue stick

Coloring after gluing the balls on

For a popsicle, it doesn't taste very good!

A third story time involved dinosaur stories and songs, as well as a dino-head-gear craft!

Adding teeth--must be a carnivore

Those back spines on top look more like a crown--the Rex in Tyrannosaurus Rex

My daughter had three different birthday celebrations with various friends and relations. We only got pictures at one of the celebrations, which is a shame since mommy heroically made three different cakes.


Listening to singing

Blowing out candles

The toddler sang a song for the camera, sadly not "Happy Birthday"...

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