Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm--Part II

A continuation of yesterpost...

The guy in Cherry Crest Adventure Farm's chick barn recommended we go see the pig races. He said it was the best show on the farm. We headed over, not realizing it was a ten to fifteen minute walk with the kids.

Country Pig Race

Picture of the track

The audience was divided into different colored sections to root for one of the four pigs in each race. For every race, the organizer would pick one kid from the crowd to be the main cheerleader. That kid stood up front and saw the race up close. The kid won a prize too, depending on how the pig did. The preschooler was selected for the final race and got a third-place prize--a Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Pencil!

One race

Kid who won a pig's nose

Our son cheering on the red pig

The caller cheering on all the pigs

Winning a prize

Just beyond the pig barn was a display of tractors, some dating back to the early 1900s.

A big traction

Smaller, more modern tractor

Even further beyond was the country road carts, pedal cars that went along a dirt track. My son and I sat in back where we pedaled and steered. Meanwhile, the other kids sat in front and enjoyed the ride (and being front-seat drivers).

Rolling tubes by the road carts

Ready to launch

I had the steering job

Coming up the road

Having fun riding around

Finishing the race

The straw bale tower was fun to climb. It was five or six stacks high. Unfortunately we did not take a wide-shot picture showing how high up we were. So the pictures are not as impressive as they could have been. We'll do better next time.

Our gang at the top of the heap

This far side of the farm had donkeys who ate feed from our hands. The preschooler was interested but too nervous to feed them on his own.

Feeding donkeys

More of the same

Getting by with a little help from his friends

Walking back to the first part of the farm, we found their web site.

Searching the web

Ready to switch to a more challenging web--web 2.0?

A trickier site

Rain started coming down as the older kids got off the web. The light rain quickly got heavy and turned into a downpour. We sheltered under a canopy for about ten minutes as the storm spent itself. When it was done, we used up the last of our animal food on the goats.

Out of the rain and back on the job

Coaxing a goat out of the barn

Not sure he wants any

We were highly satisfied and a bit wiped out by that point, so we headed back to our van and back to our hotel. It was a fun adventure.

Topiary at the exit!

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