Monday, September 3, 2018

Playgrounds of August 2018

August was a time for us to visit many playgrounds, a last ditch-effort to have more fun before school starts!

In Pennsylvania, we stayed at a fancy hotel that had a fun playground. The kids really enjoyed an early morning session on the pirate ship!

Crew of a pirate ship!

At their stations

A happy pilot

The swing set attached to the ship

A castle

Sitting on the castle looking serious

Back home, while my oldest son was in a baseball camp at Cedar Lane Park, I took the other two kids to the playground on the park grounds. It had an outdoor theme that made for fun equipment.

Outdoor playground with outdoor theme

Honeycomb climber

Rockwall climber

Ladder climber

The classic slide

On the fancy swing

At a different baseball camp (at Blandair Park) we discovered a copycat Ninja Warrior course. The course has a start and finish line with buttons to time the run. Our kids tried several times, enjoying the challenges of the obstacle course.

Officially called an "Obstacle Course" though clearly patterned after Ninja Warrior

Checking out the challenges

The sextuple step

Charging through

Going over rather than through

At the end of one obstacle

Another "over or under" choice

The only problem with the course is that it can get overrun by too many kids at once. Especially when the parents don't supervise and the kids treat it like a playground rather than an obstacle course.

The park is so big that it is on both sides of the road. On the other side is a more traditional playground that the kids enjoyed, but not as much.

Another playground!

Climbing to the big slides

Going down the slide

Spinning around


The 2-5 playground

On a bigger slide

We visited another playground, this time by the Dinosaur Library (so named by us for the dinosaur theme inside the kids' section, it's actually called the "Laurel Branch"). The playground is in Emancipation Park in Laurel and is pretty fancy.

Tough part of the playground

A fun, unconventional swing

Happy to be on the slide

Almost down

Another happy slider


Playing inside the library

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