Monday, September 10, 2018

Cute Kid Pix August 2018

More pictures that didn't make their own post...

We went to the library's Picturebook Parade with "fish" as the word of the week. The craft was an aquarium-like ocean picture with small fish, a dolphin, and a shark. We tried coloring the shark's mouth red but it looks like lipstick.

Gluing on the fish

Finished product

The next week, the theme was "vehicles." The craft was making a road with some cars on it. My son used chalk to draw the road lines, glue to attach the cars, and crayons to decorate the cars and the night sky.

Using chalk on the paper, not the carpet

Decorating the cars

Finished product

Appropriately enough, the word of the week during his birthday week was "party," and the craft was making hats! This craft included stickers and crayons, and a bit of string tying by parents. He wound up not wearing the hat for some reason.

Paw Patrol stickers on the crown!

Our son's birthday was in August, which meant we had several celebrations. We opened presents on the morning of his birthday with the immediate family.

Opening a gift

Yay Legos!

Yay Buzz Lightyear!

Trying out the Legos

Big sister helps out!

The weekend after, we had a party with local (and not so local) friends. The first step was the theme. Our son chose space. Then we had to find a cake. After rejecting a few awesome but overly-complicated designs, we went with rocket cupcakes, taken from Nerdy Nummies.

Assembling rockets

"I don't think I can fly to space in this!"

Finished product

Sugar cookies making a galaxy

The party was a lot of fun, with a wiffle ball game, a treasure hunt, and present opening. We were slackers on taking pictures (too busy enjoying life to photograph it), but we did get some snaps of the candle blow-out and some playing.

Ready to extinguish the fire

Time to blow

Opening presents with a cousin

Playing with an uncle

I volunteered at another Ravens pre-season game, this one against the Washington Redskins. It was fun though hot. When I left early in the fourth quarter, the Ravens were up 27-14. They eventually won 30-20.

The seat wasn't as good as last time, though the game was more exciting.

View from Row 34

Program and ticket

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