Friday, July 6, 2012

Departing Venice

After leaving the Basilica of Good Health, we wandered through the streets back to our hotel. We saw many of the common sights in Venice and were able to enjoy a drinking fountain since Mommy was smart enough to bring cups this time.

Many of the houses and buildings have religious decorations. Some are paintings, some are statues.

The ever popular Madonna and Child

St. Joseph

The streets alternate between tunnels, canals, and plazas.

Jacob goes down the spooky road

Pedestrian-friendly canal

Pedestrian-unfriendly canal

We also rediscovered the fountain where Jacob and Lucy played the day before. This time, they had plastic cups and were able to drink cool, refreshing water. Their spirits kept up and we were able to follow the flower-lined roads back home.

Catching water

Sipping the sweet stuff

Flowery road near our hotel

We collected our bags and took one last ride on the Vaporetto to Venice's train station. Buying tickets from the automatic machine was a little challenging when we forgot the PIN for one of our credit cards, but soon enough we had tickets in hand. The train took about an hour to get to Verona, where we had more fabulous adventures.

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