Monday, July 30, 2012

Playground at our Cambridge Hotel

Though we did not go to any playgrounds in Cambridge, we did use the playgrounds right by our hotel. The kids loved the variety of equipment that we hadn't seen elsewhere and were always eager to give them a try.

An original style for a see-saw

Jacob joins in the fun

Lucy did plenty of climbing as well on all sorts of challenging steps.

Lucy climbs the loops

Lucy steps up the platforms

She was rewarded with a rather fabulous slide down.

Lucy slides

Not to be left unphotographed, Jacob crossed some challenging platforms that hung on chains and moved around a lot.

Jacob carefully makes his way from right to left

If they had their way, we'd spend all of our vacations at playgrounds. I think we've been able to strike a good balance of historic sights and hysteric fun so far. Hopefully we will keep up the good work.

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