Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sunday Morning in Verona

Our second day in Verona saw us heading off to church for Mass in Italian. We went to San Luca right near the town center and the Roman Arena. Walking was fun for the kids, who were adapting to the sunny, hot weather that we are so unused to here in England.

Looking cool in Italy

San Luca in Verona

Madonna without Child

Mass went well. The kids were distracting and it was hard to focus even more since nothing was in English. We could follow along because the liturgy is the same regardless of the language. We knew when to give to the collection and the sign of peace. We had no idea if there was any coffee and donuts or tea and treats afterwards. We just headed out once we had lit a few candles.

We wandered through the street until we found the ultimate destination for the kids: a playground! It was on the edge of town, i.e. the old walls or berms from the old days.

The gate in the wall

The only trick was getting to the playground. We had to go up a ramp and then through a little tea shop. We were undaunted and got to enjoy the sunny playground. Some of the equipment was too hot to play on (like the elephant slide roasting in the sunshine), but the rest was a lot of fun.

Too hot to climb

This bridge was cool (in both senses of cool)

Hottest elephant in Verona

The safe slide

Right next to the playground was a goat farm. We saw some kids feeding the goats. I guess they knew to bring some bread or cereal or old shoes. We did not and were unable to feed the goats. That was fine with the kids. They were a little freaked out by the goats. I have to say, their eyes are spooky looking to me.

Feed me!

Shadeless goat farm--maybe they were criminal goats being punished?

A fun thing at the park was the train. It didn't really go anywhere but it allowed parents a chance to sit while the children "drove" us around.
Mommy goes for a ride

Jacob drives! Or is it conducts?

After a fun time, we headed back into town for some lunch and naps, allowing Mommy and Daddy some time to explore on their own. But separately, because we didn't leave them by themselves for nap time. That's a tale for another post!

The way back into town

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