Monday, December 3, 2012

Alexandra Book Cafe, Budapest

One of the places we like to go is bookstores. Often in foreign countries, there's not much of a selection for us English readers but they are still fun to explore. Easily the best bookstore in Budapest is the Alexandra book cafe. In addition to three levels of books (with a small English section), the store offers wine, coffee, and art.

As you walk into the store, the right-hand side is full of wines from Hungary. Up an escalator is a floor of books. A small flight of stairs lead into their cafe. This cafe is not your typical coffee counter in a chain bookstore. It's more like a tea room for the aristocracy.

Warm glow of the cafe

Amazing chandelier

More amazing ceiling!

We never ate here, though not because we thought it was too posh for us. The snack timing never worked out. They open at 10 a.m. and that's too late for the kids to wait for their snack. We should have snuck out at night.

I did go up another flight of stairs and discover an art gallery that took up a whole floor. It was mostly modern and pop art. The works were very imaginative and varied from painting to sculptures to furniture.

The Alexandra book cafe is definitely worth a visit on a trip to Budapest. It's a lot better than going to Burger King, home of the Pepperoni Whopper.

We didn't eat here, either

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