Saturday, December 22, 2012

More National Railway Museum, York

It took almost a year for us to go back to the National Railway Museum in York. The museum is huge, with more than enough to see in a day. This time we visited the ride-on train, the playground, and the royal carriage exhibit.

The lion of the rails

Naturally we saw a lot of train cars when we were there. On our way to the train ride we admired some of the nicer cars.

Fancy rail car

J and a car

Old-fashioned Yorkshire coach car

Teddy the engine

The train ride was pretty cheap, 50p per person. The ride wasn't very long but was very fun, with plenty of things to see along the way.

Family on the train

Ready to ride

A roadside garden

A track sign

Willow tunnel

The whistle stop

Our engine

Right by the train ride is the playground. J and L insisted on visiting. They had a good time.

A train to play on

A ticket office to play in

A slide to ride down

We went back in the building and had a snack. I tried the very yummy Yorkshire ginger cake.

A good snack

Then we saw a collection of royal rail cars. Several samples from the past 100 years were on display, including Queen Mary's Salon. Queen Mary used the car throughout the 1900s. Wanting everything to be up to date, she had modern furniture and electric conveniences like fans and radiators added.

Queen Mary's Salon

Inside her salon

King Edward's Salon also features many modern conveniences. Used in the early 1900s, he had his train car modeled after his royal yacht. He even included a smoking room.

The bedroom

The royal bathroom on a train!

Nearby luggage on carts

It was a fun visit with guests from the States.

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