Monday, December 31, 2012

School Christmas Plays

J had his Christmas play for his reception class (basically, kindergarten). The school he goes to has two reception classes and the kids from both combined to put on the play. So it was 40 or so 4- and 5-year-olds working together to entertain their parents. The production was amazing for the age group. They sang seven different songs with choreography on most, had various traditional characters who all had lines, and delightful costumes. J was a shepherd and he had one line: "We're tending our sheep." But his real moment to shine came when he had to act surprised at the angels appearing in the sky. He widened his eyes and put his hand to his mouth to cover his gasp. He did it so well! And it's not just me saying it, other parents commented too! He had a great time and sang the songs on Skype to Granny and to Grandmama. After the second Skype call, he said he wouldn't sing them anymore. Though maybe next year...

The school had a strict policy that no photography or recording was allowed. This restriction is for various reasons, one of which is that parents can "opt out" of having their children's pictures taken at school. The crafty staff at the school did take pictures of some of the children (presumably those whose parents didn't opt out) and sold them for 50p (which is about $0.80 in US money) to parents. So we could be satisfied with a happy memory and a nice photo of our son.

J the Shepherd

For L's Christmas pageant at her nursery school, she was supposed to be a donkey. Things didn't work out though, because she and J caught the stomach bug that's been sweeping the nation. Too bad, because she had a cute outfit and had her line down cold, "Hee-haw!" Though maybe next year...

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