Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Fayre at Church

One Sunday after Mass, our parish had a Christmas fayre in the church hall which was jam packed with people. In addition to the usual tombolas (including a bottlebola! Yes they were bottles of bubbly), raffles, and gift stalls they had two items new to us. One was bacon butties, which are simply a good slice of bacon (which is much larger and thicker than the puny strips Americans are served) on a bun. You can add ketchup or HP Sauce. They make a satisfying (if not entirely healthy) snack. The other new item was face painting, for which L signed up immediately. Sure, she had her face painted at the circus but never before at a Christmas Fayre!

Did a butterfly land on your face?

We had big fun even if we didn't win anything in the tombolas. We did pick up a book on celebrating Christmas for children from St. Joseph Picture Books.

Check out my review here.

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