Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Spanish Hotel

Our hotel in Spain was the Grangefield Oasis Club. We got a great deal paying a low weekly rate. It was nice and Spanish-looking, but catered quite a bit to English-speaking customers.

Our hotel

The room was a two-bedroom apartment with a foldout couch, so it could easily have accommodated two people more than our family of four. We had a nice kitchen which meant we could make our own meals if we wanted to (like our far-too-early-for-us-adults breakfasts and our far-too-early-for-Spanish-dining dinners (eating dinner at 5:30? Spanish restaurants often don't open till 8!). One night a cat snuck into our kitchen window for no apparent reason.

Cat spying on us?

The main draw for the children was the pools at the hotel. The outdoor pools looked lovely but were a bit chilly. The air temperature was in the 60s Fahrenheit or teens Celsius.

Outdoor pools must be great when the weather gets warmer

Luckily, the indoor pool is heated (as is the indoor jacuzzi and sauna) and we did a lot of swimming in there. Every afternoon we would take advantage. We met  another family there and played games like Marco Polo or Sharks and Fishes. As usual, L loved warming up in the bubbly jacuzzi. The sign leading into the pool was interesting to us. At first we thought it meant "no speedos," but they just wanted people to dress properly in the lobby on the way to the indoor pool.

I bet it's hard to smoke while swimming

The other important criteria for the children was a playground, which was also provided by the hotel and we will see in the next post!

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