Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Graphic Novels Challenge 2013

Having discovered an extensive collection of graphic novels at the local library, I think it's time I branch out and try some different stuff from my usual superhero fare. Not that I will stop reading Hellboy, but I will mix it up with some new stuff. So I am signing up for the 2013 Graphic Novels Challenge. The challenge I'm going for is level 2 (read 24 graphic novels) advanced. Here's the description on the web site:
Advanced:  For advanced play we are going to play categories.  Players will pick 1 book from each of the 12 categories below.  If you are playing at Level 2 you could double up, choosing two from each category, or use the remainder as free picks.  You only have to read one book from each of the 12 categories.

1. manga
2. superhero
3. classic adaptation (a classic work adapted into the graphic format)
4. memoir
5. fantasy
6. translated from a foreign language
7. a single-issue comic book
8. science-fiction
9. crime or mystery
10. fairytale or mythology (true to the original or fractured, such as Fables series)
11. children's book (specifically written for children)
12. anthology (a collection of short stories by different authors/artists)
I think I can get all the categories (except maybe "memoir") from the library. We'll see what happens. Wish me luck!

Oh, and if you have manga recommendations, I'd be glad to accept them. The shelf at the library is intimidatingly huge.

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