Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Kids' Art

L has been doing a lot of drawing in school and is getting quite skillful. She drew this hand without even tracing! She was quite proud.

Free-hand hand drawing of a hand

J has been doing some art at school too. He put together a whole book about firefighting. Here's what the fire they fought looks like.

J creates fire! It looks like a flaming horse to me.

At home, L first created a boot. Then she decided to expand the work by adding legs, another boot, a body, arms, and a head. She says it looks like a member of the family, but I will leave that to your imagination to guess who it is.

The right boot was the first part of Franken-family-member

Look familiar?

J helped make his sandwich one day, for which he was justly proud.

My own peanut butter and raisin sandwich

Speaking of food, for Mommy's birthday we made special cupcakes. Not spiders like on my birthday, but owls. The eyes are M&Ms. We'd have had more owls if someone hadn't eaten so many of the eyes. Again, I will leave it to your imagination to guess who would eat so many owl eyes. (Hint: It's not the same person)

Owl cupcakes (beaks are also M&Ms)

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