Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow Day January 2013

Alas, this snow day did not fall on a weekday, so that my wife would have had a free day from work. It was a Saturday, she was home anyway. We had a leisurely early breakfast and then loitered in the house a while until we went out into the back garden.

J made a beeline for the swing set. He did not ride on them. Instead, he imagined them as a shield from the snowballs thrown by the rest of the family (we didn't gang up on him, I swear!).

J and the snowy swing set

To swing or not to swing, that is the question...

Mommy chose a more secure location for her shield.

Playset or decide!

L was more of a pacifist, just wanting to sled around in the yard. I dragged her in the sled for a while, then she dragged Diego.

Dragging Little Diego (we have a bigger Diego action figure) to....

...the shed!

L continued her cherubic pursuits by making snow angels.

Not too bad!

I think some snow got in her shirt...brrr!

Tricky upside-down angel

J made a snow angel too. By that point we were all fairly frigid and ready to warm up inside.

After lunch and some videos, we went out again, this time to the local park for sledding. The slopes had been used quite a bit before we got there. Lots of grass was visible. That didn't stop the dozen or so children still there. We joined in the fun. We found an even better slope further in the park. We finished up with some playing on the playground equipment. Then we went back home to have more hot beverages and bask in our warm memories.

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