Thursday, January 17, 2013

Parks and Seaside, Marbella

After our snack in Plaza de los Naranjos and wandering in the northern part of Marbella, we crossed Avenida de Ramon y Cajal to the Parque de la Alameda. The park has many things to recommend it, starting with a lovely fountain.

Fuente Virgen del Rocio

Some nice tile work on the fountain

The local seal?

Nearby the fountain is a carousel that was a little too expensive (3 Euros for one ride?!?). The kids were fascinated by it but happy to try out the little riding toys nearby.

Guess where the carousel is in relation to this jeep!

Ride 'em, cowgirl!

Ride 'em, cowboy!

Not so sure about this

The park has plenty of trees for shade (which wasn't so necessary in January) and has the fanciest park benches ever.

Lush park

Ceramic tile benches! Too beautiful and perhaps not comfortable enough to sit on

From here we walked down the Avenida del Mar which leads to the Mediterranean Sea (as you might have guessed from the name). The avenida is lined with a variety of statues cast from molds by Savaldor Dali, which might explain the lack of explanations I can provide.

Beheading Medusa

Maybe Icarus or Daedalus with wings?

Ride 'em, cowGreek!

Some sort of offering through a window?

The avenida also has a few fountains which commanded obligatory photos with the children.

J tries too hard to smile

Flagging energy at the pyramid fountain

At the bottom of the avenida is a board-walk-type street that's right above the sand.

View of the Mediterranean

View from the Mediterranean

J and L loved playing in the sand. Mostly they put it in the sea, which seemed fruitless to me but it made them happy.

J looks for the perfect grains

L tosses them into the sea

Back by the road they spotted a fun playground. Also nearby is a life-sized elephant. On closer inspection, the elephant is an imaginative shower for washing the sand away. Yes, the water comes out the trunk!

The beach playground

Elephant ready to work!

Not sure why the trash can was there

We had a fun visit to the park and the beach. Working up plenty of appetite, we went back to our hotel for some lunch.

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