Friday, December 7, 2012

Blackpool Tower

The Blackpool Tower is a major tourist destination. In addition to its iconic imitation of the Eiffel Tower, it houses many attractions, including the Blackpool Dungeon (part of a chain of horror attractions in England), the Tower Circus (which will get its own post), a ball room, an observation deck, and a kids' play area.

The Tower at night

When it's darker

The observation deck at the top of the tower was closed due to high winds, so we didn't go all the way up to the top. We did go to Jungle Jim's, an extensive playground where children can run through and climb about. L and J loved it though they were pretty shy about going in by themselves. Usually they dragged Mommy inside but I wound up exploring there as well.

More like a jungle temple than just a jungle

A pirate blimp! The steam-punk in me was excited.

J poses

Like many children's indoor play areas, Jungle Jim's includes a snack bar that mostly caters to the parents who are relaxing at the tables while their children exhaust themselves on the fun play equipment.

We also got to see the ballroom set up.

The Tower Ballroom (but where will they dance?)

There was a dance later that night, with lots of people in fancy dress. We know because we saw them on the street walking towards the Tower. L saw some lady in a white fancy dress and said, "She's going to get married!"

While it was still morning we moved on from Jungle Jim's to the Tower Circus, which will be tomorrow's post!

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