Monday, February 25, 2013

Exterior and Gardens of Malaga Cathedral

The Malaga Cathedral has an impressive exterior and is surrounded by lush gardens that include some nice sculptures.

The front has a single tower (they ran out of funding for the other tower) and a very impressive doorway. A plaza has the usual fountain which J loved and a nice building across the street.

Malaga Cathedral

Incomplete tower in the foreground

J and the fountain

Across the street, not sure what the building is for but it looks nice

In addition to the main doors in the front, the two side doors are notable. The Doorway of Chains is the main entrance for visitors and is named after the chains that close off the Courtyard of the Orange Trees. The Doorway of the Sun is more ornate and faces the south side of the Cathedral, so naturally it gets more sun.

The Doorway of Chains

The Doorway of the Sun

The Courtyard of Orange Trees has many fine sculptures in it. One statue of Our Lady of Victory commemorates the reconquest of Spain from the Moors. Other sculptures seem to have a bell-motif and are more modern in style.

Our Lady of Victory

Bell sculpture

Another bell sculpture

The garden does have orange trees but not too many had fruit. It also has some pools and interesting pathways that the children pretended were mazes.

Part of the Courtyard of Orange Trees

Back of the Cathedral

As with many of our visits, after seeing the church we had a wonderful snack at a local cafe. More about Spanish food in tomorrow's post!

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