Sunday, February 17, 2013

Santiago Church, Malaga, Spain

The Parroquia de Santiago in Malaga, Spain, is famous for being the baptismal place of Pablo Picasso. He was baptized there on November 10, 1881. It still serves as a parish chapel for the local environs, and satisfies the Picasso curious (like us) on a day when the museum and his birthplace were both closed (Mondays museums are closed in Malaga). This chapel is his spiritual birth place, after all!

The nave is nicely ornate, as are many Spanish churches. The ceiling's decorations also caught my eyes.



As you enter the church, the baptismal font is on the right. There's no special plaque about Picasso (that's outside in the street), so I am not sure if it is the same as the one where he was baptized.

Baptismal font

Like other Spanish churches at Christmas, this has an elaborate (though much more modest than what's found in cathedrals) nativity scene.

Nativity scene

The scene is blocking off a side altar to Saint Joseph, whom I am sure doesn't mind.

Above the Nativity

The church also has several nice statues, including a full-color pieta next to the nativity and more of Our Lady and the Lord.


Altar for Our Lady

Jesus carries his cross

The church is a nice, beautiful surprise along one of the roads in Malaga.

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