Friday, February 22, 2013

Malaga Castillo Interpretation Center

The Castillo de Gibralfaro has a small museum that covers the history of the castle at the top of the hill. It was used as a military garrison and coastal lookout from 1487 up to 1925, when the town was put in control of the civilian population. The castle was then decommissioned. The museum covers the military history of the castle century by century.

Starting in the 16th century, we see a chest with various implements on it and some weapons from the period.

Chest with some writing paper and flagons

Weapons of the 1500s

Of special interest is a falconet, an artillery piece used as a siege weapon. Typically they were about four feet long, so this model is a miniature.


A typical soldier is on display. His main weapon is a halberd (a combination of the German words Halm (staff) and Barte (axe)), hence he is called a Halberdier. Since it's a two-handed weapon, I'm not sure how his shield works, unless that's for more close quarter combat with a sword or dagger.

16th century Spanish soldier

The 17th century is also represented by weapons and a chest with period items.

Chest, flagon, and small sword/large dagger

The 17th century soldier is armed with an arquebus (from the Dutch haakbus meaning "hook gun;" it is a forerunner of the rifle) and sword. His bandoleer has twelve gunpowder charges, affectionately known as the "twelve apostles."

17th century warrior

The 18th century features more elaborate furniture and firearms.

Desk and cupboard

Rifle, halberd, and trunk

At one point, a Royal Navy Training College was in the area. The model ship (called Corbeta San Telmo) was used in practical training of officers.

Model ship from the naval training college

The 19th century has its weapons and soldier, an infantry officer from the Peninsular War.

19th century rifles

Napoleonic-era officer

The 20th century also has its weapons and soldiers, though they all come from the early years of the 1900s since the fort was decommissioned in 1925.

Early modern firearms

20th century soldier armed with rifle and bayonet

These various historical displays line the outer walls of the museum. In the middle is a set of miniatures representing the 1805 first battalion of the Regimento Fijo de Malaga.

Infantry with supporting artillery

The band

Also on display are various stamps used throughout the period and some navigation and cartography instruments. Finally, there is a model of the town with the alcazaba and the castillo above it.

Malaga model

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