Saturday, February 2, 2013

Granada Cathedral Nativity

Before I write about the cathedral itself, I thought I'd provide something on their nativity tableaux. The cathedral, like every other self-respecting church in Spain, has scenes from the infancy of Jesus in a delightful model.

Nativity, Granada Cathedral

More of the Nativity

Some of the details are interesting. The Annunciation, where the Angel Gabriel visits Mary, has a nearby scene of the angel visiting Joseph in his dream. It's a nice instance of bilocation. I thought that was a nice touch.

Receiving messages, asleep or awake

The birth of Our Lord seems to have taken place in the nicest stable in town. I imagine (though I could not find) a nice story about the pots hanging on the wall. Maybe they're for milking the cows?

Shepherds come to worship

Herod can also be seen ordering soldiers to kill the Christ child.

Herod orders his soldiers

As usual, the flight into Egypt is also depicted.

A very busy (and very green Egypt)

Alas, no Caganer was found here like in Marbella.

Next post will be on the Cathedral itself!

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