Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Arnside, UK

On a trip to the south end of the Lakes District, we stayed at the town of Arnside. Nothing is particularly noteworthy about the town. It's like most riverside towns with a couple of pubs and shops and such. The beach for the river Kent is quite extensive at Arnside. The kids love waterside activities!

Arnside, UK

The pier at low tide!

At the edge of the beach were some nets that I assumed were drying. Then I noticed that the vegetation and ground were starting to absorb them. They are there to preserve the beachhead!

Drying nets or land protection?

We wrote in the sand for a while. L was fairly good at writing her name; J made a maze that none of us could solve.
L writes her name

J's cryptic maze

We started to throw rocks in the water but soon ran out. The muddy beach did not have much to offer until mommy thought of tossing mud balls into the river. That worked almost as well. We had to arrange the kids to avoid any "scattershot" mud balls from accidentally taking out innocent bystanders.

L Mudballer

The beach extends underneath a viaduct that I assumed was for cars but was soon proved wrong!

A train bridge!

View of the other side of the viaduct

Another surprise mode of transportation was this small, one-person plane that flew overhead.

Maybe "plane" is giving it too much credit

Our next beach fun was discovering pirate treasure. I fished out two two-pence pieces from my pocket and we parents hid them strategically in the sand. L was delighted to find the money; J not so much. She wanted to spend it on ice cream (there was a truck on the road) but she didn't have enough. That was lucky since it was almost dinner time and we didn't want to spoil her appetite.

We had great fun visiting the beach in Arnside. If you go there, just watch out for the old people!

A caution sign worth noting

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