Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Green Eggs and Ham

L recently took culinary inspiration from that classic of children's literature, Green Eggs and Ham. For lunch she wanted to make green eggs. She wasn't so interested in ham. I decided to indulge her, hoping I would not have to eat the leftovers. I do not like them, L-I-Am! Or at least I am afraid of them.

We scrambled an egg in a glass and added some drops of green food dye, requiring a little more scrambling. They looked quite as I expected.

My greatest invention EVER!!!

We went over to the stove where a preheated pan was prepared. L wanted to pour the mixture in, so I kept the camera handy.


Thankfully, the change of color didn't add any cooking challenges. Once the eggs were firm on the edges and bubbling slightly in the middle, we flipped them and cooked the top. Soon enough, L was enjoying her Dr. Seuss-inspired lunch.

Yummy eggs, dubious licensed character crossover

L did not want to keep the joy all to herself. Before she finished, she asked J if he would eat them with her.

Try them, try them, here they are!

Would he eat them in the kitchen?
Could he eat them, just a smidgen?
Would he eat them by the door?
Would he eat them and not deplore?

I will try them, you will see...

After giving them a taste, this was J's reply:
Not in a kitchen, not just a smidgen.
Not by the door, yes I do deplore!
I do not like green eggs without ham,
I do not like them, L-I-am.
I guess J has read the story too but wanted to give a twist ending. Or he really wanted the ham too!

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