Friday, August 30, 2013

Cragside, UK Part V--The Playground

Like most large (and not so large) estates run by the National Trust, Cragside has a nice playground for the kids to enjoy after they have been bored out of their minds by the estate house which was so interesting to the parents.

Cragside Playground

J's chosen theme for this visit was "ropes." The ropes could be natural or synthetic, chains or woven. If it had some flexibility, climb-ability, or hang-ability, he was on it.

J on the single-strand rope bridge

The ultra-tough high-low chains

Classic climber

Zip-line hero!

J spent most of his time with the zip line. He had it mostly to himself (which is always nice) and he kept going and going. At one point, he had Mommy on one end and Daddy on the other, tossing him back and forth with all their might!

L was more classical in her tastes, enjoying regular climbing and the swings.

L at her apex!

L also convinced us to get her a cold and refreshing treat from the nearby snack stand. She had an orange popsicle all to herself.

A good time was had by all and we were soon on the road again for further adventures!

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