Thursday, August 1, 2013

Malham, UK

We drove to Malham to see the Malham Tarn National Trust site, but there was plenty of charming stuff in the town as well.

The town has all the usual small town accoutrements: shops, pub, bridge, smithy, etc.
Malham bridge

Malham smithy

Right at the beginning of the Tarn park is a small barn with some information about the area and farming in general. We sheltered from the sun and learned a bit, too. L especially enjoyed the bovine exhibits.

Town Head Barn, Malham

L and the front of the cow!

L and the back of the cow!

Sheep outnumber humans by a 30 to 1 ratio in the Yorkshire Dales. To promote sheep awareness, a contest has been launched by Dales Discoveries. People need to discover at least three sheep and report in on the website to have a chance at winning a prize. We spotted one such sheep in the barn. He's wearing a yellow safety jersey, not glowing in some radioactive fashion.

Radioactive powers might explain how the sheep jumped to the top of the cow stalls

They also had a display on stone walls, which are very popular in the area. The hillsides have plenty of them.

Stone wall display

Stone walls on the hillside

Soon we were on our way to see the Malham Cove, but more on that in the next post!

Malham Cove in the distance

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