Monday, July 28, 2014

Barcelona Playground, Spain

After purchasing tickets to see the inside of the Basilica Sagrada Familia, we had to wait about an hour to use the tickets. Luckily, a small park is across the street and we were able to kill plenty of time and use up the kids' excess energy.

Walking into the playground

The equipment was fairly standard. L pretended to bake treats made out of sticks, leaves, and dirt. J was able to make several obstacle courses through the playground. He had Mommy and Daddy time him. His goal was to finish in under a minute. Our counting was...flexible. He was quite successful.

J crosses the hanging ropes

The hardest part of the course

L also wanted in on the action and encouraged us to count slower as she ran the course.

She also encouraged photos

After a while she went back to baking treats for us. They were pretend treats and we pretended to eat them.

Carefully adding ingredients

Time went quickly and shortly we were off to visit the big church across the way!

Back of Sagrada Familia

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