Friday, July 18, 2014

Book Review: Asterix and Cleopatra by R. Goscinny et al.

Asterix and Cleopatra by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo

Julius Caesar, while hanging out with Cleopatra, makes fun of Egypt's has-been status as a great empire. Sure, they built the pyramids, but that was thousands of years ago...what have they done lately? Cleopatra defiantly claims they can build a palace to Caesar in Alexandria in three months. Caesar will acknowledge Egpyt's greatness if she can pull it off. She summons the best architect of Alexandria, Edifis, for the job. He knows he'll need magical powers to pull it off, but he knows this druid in Gaul. After a quick visit to Asterix's village, Edifis recruits village druid and potion mixer extraordinaire Getafix to help out. Naturally, Asterix and Obelix tag along for the adventure. Will they be able to build a palace or will they be fed to the Nile crocodiles?

This is another fun adventure. They hit all the highlights of Egypt--the pyramids, slaves building things, the Sphinx, mummies, and the immortal beauty of Cleopatra's nose. Recommended.

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