Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pony Ride in Spain

One of the great features of our first hotel in Catalonia is the pony rides. We paid a nominal fee for J and L to ride around the property on ponies. L was a little nervous at first but J had experience from last Christmas, so he was ready to go. We walked down to the stables to get the mounts.

L's horse comes out to see us

L's horse is named Pinchy (or maybe it was Pinchot, the owner's accent was a bit thick). J's is named Rocky. We guided the horses up to a building where the saddles are kept.

J holds Rocky's lead

Rocky poses for the camera

Pony pals

After the owner saddled them up, J and L got on and were ready to ride.

Saddled up horses

L gets on

L ready to go

J ready to go

We set out, first following the driveway back up to the main road.

J and Rocky off on an adventure

A happy rider

Soon enough we discovered that the ponies like to take breaks and eat any vegetation in front of them. Pinchy was especially hungry and made many stops along the way.

A snack break

We came back down the hill and wandered along many different paths in the woods. It was fun and a lot more riding than we were expecting.

J looks back to check on L and Mommy's progress

Returning from one path

L and Pinchy were always catching up

We agreed with the ponies that much of the vegetation was fairly interesting. We saw some pretty flowers along the way.

Some nice flowers

The kids enjoyed the ride immensely, pretending to be cowboys and adventurers.

Pinchy stops for one last snack

At the end of the ride, L got to help cool down and brush the horses. J and I headed back to our cabin to get dinner started. After a good long ride, we all had good sleep that night.

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