Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Catalonian Hotel, Spain

Now, back to the beginning of the Spain trip--The first hotel we had on our Catalonian trip is located in a park up in the rolling mountains about an hour from Barcelona. We had to turn onto a dirt road just after kilometer marker 8 of a winding mountain road. The entrance is non-descript and the drive down the driveway took a good three minutes. This place is not easily accessible. But it is quite beautiful, nestled away in the hills of the park. It's more like a cluster of buildings on a hillside than a hotel. The views are wonderful.

View from our hotel

Another awesome view

The place has a nice garden (the gardener gave us some veg!) and a gigantic bird coop that contains six chickens, a peacock, and a peahen.

Some of the chickens

The best shot I could get of the peacock

J and L were disappointed that the pool wasn't open yet (early May temperatures were hot enough for us but not for the locals) but they loved the outdoor seating in front of our cabin.

Our patio

Our quarters

Inside is quite spacious, with a well-stocked kitchen and living room. "Well-stocked" for the children of course means a cabinet full of toys!

The kitchen

The living room

The toy cabinet

Even better for J and L the compound has multiple playgrounds, including a Foosball table and a ping-pong table. Neither game was as satisfactory as the swings and climbing opportunities the place provides.

J goes head first down the slide

L goes from swing to swing

L pushes J on another swing set

L in the log cabin

J and L made up a game called "Alert." Every now and then they'd claim a storm was coming and they had to rush into the log cabin as fast as they could. They weren't done until they sealed up all the shutters. We heard them making storm sounds from inside. Obstacle courses were another favorite of J's.

The biggest fun might have been the pony rides we did on Sunday afternoon, but that's a story for the next post.

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