Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cave of Forgotten Ducks

While she didn't get to see the Werner Herzog documentary, L did see some pre-historic cave paintings and was inspired to create her own amazing wall mural. Her plan was ambitious but not beyond her capabilities.

She started by penciling in the ducks, much like the scratchings described by Herzog and the scientists investigating the French cave. Rather than a variety of pre-historic creatures, L chose to put myriads of ducks on her mural.

L draws in ducks

A bit of the detail

Primitive men and women didn't have access to places like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, so they had to make their own paints from the natural resources around them. Likewise, L mixed her own paint using berries and other natural elements.

The old mortar and pestle routine

Using the freshest paint ever!

She did take the occasional break to work on other artistic endeavors, such as a musical performance with the neighbor's daughter. We had to check her fingers to make sure her home-made paint didn't decorate the rest of the house.

Dressing up for a performance

The final wall mural includes a spooky hand print just like in the Cave of Forgotten Dreams. I suppose since the ancient artists didn't have an alphabet they had to sign their work with their hands. L has done the same.

Cave of Forgotten Ducks (click to enlarge)

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