Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dice Masters: Trinity War Story Line Event 2

For the Fourth of July weekend, J and I went to our second Dice Masters tournament--the second event in the Trinity War Story Line. The event did not include any flavor text so we still don't know anything about the Trinity War, though a synopsis can be found here. It's a DC storyline from a couple of years ago involving three DC superhero groups (maybe that's the trinity?). I may check the library to see if they have it in a trade paperback.

The  tournament was held in our favorite game story, The Family Game Store in Savage Mill. J and I were half the competitors again and wound up with another truckload of dice and cards since we share all our Dice Masters stuff between us.

Dice by the dozen

After the rainbow draft we each wound up with some good cards. I fielded a mostly Justice League team, which worked well since I had an Aquaman card that let me buy other JL characters for one less energy cost. The other cool card I had was a Constantine card that let me guess a character die I was going to draw out of my bag. If I drew that character and rolled a character side, I could field the character for free. That came in very handy and even saved me at the end of the first game. I wound up winning the tournament.

J did not do so well. He won his final game, so he ended on a high note. Also, he won a fellowship award for helping the guy he was playing against in the first round. That guy was a new comer and J taught him so well that the guy won!

We came away with a tournament Constantine card (in addition to the super-rare card that I drafted) and the House of Mystery action card. We did some trading as well and I got the Flash super-rare by offering up a bunch of Marvel heroes and dice.

Best of the new cards

It was fun and I realize this is a good way to fill out a collection. We'll keep our eyes open for the next Trinity War event and maybe a Marvel event if we can find one.

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