Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cub Scout Day Camp 2015--Days Four and Five

J's adventures at the Cub Scout Day Camp 2015 concluded with two more days of challenges and fun. (See Day One and Days Two and Three).

On Thursday, they were back on the BB range with this result for J:

Three shots across the top

Considering his lack of experience, this impressed me quite a bit. He may be asking for a BB gun for Christmas, we'll see if he remembers by then.

They went back to Geology where they cracked open geodes. J brought the broken rocks home for us to admire.

Geode insides

At STEM (that's Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math for those not up on the latest educational lingo), they did the Engineering part and built paper airplanes. J's made it all the way home!

An engineering marvel

The pictures from Tuesday came in, with a very nice shot of J and a fun group picture of his den mates and leaders.

Two pictures in one

Close up of J

On Friday, I was back on site helping out and taking pictures. The den's first stop was the archery range, where J showed marked improvement over Wednesday.

Getting help from a range assistant

Getting ready to shoot

Get that elbow up!

A slain target

We went to Fitness where J and his mates tried out tug-of-war, races, and sharks and minnows.

Crab-walk race with many different kinds of crabs!

Ga Ga Ball was next, popular as always. It was paired with life-sized Foosball, which J also tried. His team had a tied score, 1-1.

Ga Ga Ball again!

Scouts playing foosball

After lunch, we went back to the Craftsman station, where the scouts tried out leather working. With some careful instruction, they personalized leather bookmarks.

J stamping letters onto his bookmark

The finished product

At Whittling, they did more work on their bars of soap, crafting a fish. It was tough work but enjoyable too.

J whittling

Take-home--knife, strop, and carving

The final station was Showmanship, where the boys played charades and learned about stage directions (e.g. stage left, up stage, etc.).

The closing ceremonies were delightfully short and the camp leader announced next years theme--Construction! We are looking forward to Day Camp in 2016!

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