Friday, July 31, 2015

VBS 2015

J and L attended their second Vacation Bible School, this time at St. Louis in Clarksville. The theme was "SonSpark Labs," combining science and faith for a fun, faith-filled week-long frolic.

L as Einstein-ish scientist

The main lab/drop off area

They visited various labs each day. The Edible Experiment Lab was very popular with L, especially on the day they had the Kona Ice truck visit. Everyone had shaved, flavored ice for a refreshing snack on a hot summer day! They even offered non-attending siblings a cup of shaved ice, which I gratefully accepted on N's behalf. I was so busy eating for him that I didn't get a picture.

In the Momentum Lab, they played all sorts of games throughout the week. The most popular day by far was H20 day, when water sports ruled! They wore their swim suits and played on a slip and slide. The biggest fun was "wet sponge tag" where they threw wet sponges at each other. No feelings were hurt according to L and J.

In the Truth Lab, they learned about science facts and biblical facts. When discussing how the universe is orderly and follows rules like gravity, they looked at how God created that order and He gives us rules to make our lives run smoothly and safely.

The Creativity Lab was popular with both J and L. It resulted in many take-home items. The most amazing is probably the seed planters (which include a paper-bag apple tree). We parents had small expectations for the seeds, but a week later they were tall and proud!

L's work

J's mammoth plant! Bigger than the fake tree!

Other projects included making tiles, kaleidoscopes, and butterflies.

J's tile

L's tile with the water bottle she won

L's kaleidoscope 

L's butterfly

The final lab was the Music Lab, where they learned several fun songs and dance moves. No videos this year--just some shots of their at home performances.

Almost in sync

A strong move

Joyous surrender or flying off like Superman

They had plenty of take home goodies on the last day. J loved his invisible ink pen and journal. The pen came with a special light making the writing legible. L's favorite was the Primordial Slime which she had to play with in the kitchen in case it fell on the floor.

J's take home cornucopia

L's dolphin symbol

Mad scientist with primordial slime!

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