Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cub Scouts Fall Bike Rodeo 2015

The local Cub Scout district held a Bike Rodeo for the scouts in September. Our little Wolf cub went bright and early to have his bike checked out and participate in all the activities.

Ready for action

One of the first stations was a bike pseudo-wash which was a fun obstacle.

Put your head down and charge through!

Speed trials (in this case, a snail race - trying to be the slowest without putting your foot down) were part of a larger obstacle course. Our scout tried it out with another boy. 

On their marks

On their way

Another challenge was the classic "paper carrier" route. I wonder if kids still have paper routes these days.

Loading up with deliverables

Grabbing one at a time

On the way to glory

Nearing the end

The stations also included some check ups on tire pressure and breaks. The bike is in great shape.

Stopping on the line

At the end he was issued a license, a nice end to a fun morning!

Back of the license

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