Thursday, September 24, 2015

Trinity War Triumph!

We played in two Organized Play events since the last Dicemasters report. We played at Trinity War Event 3, where my son J. came in second place. He won a special Shazam! card along with the Wonder Woman participation card. The Shazam! card has an interesting power (getting him to the field quicker) but with a maximum of one die, that's not a lot of action. Wonder Woman's ability to spin up characters looks a lot more useful.

Event 3 prizes

At Event 4, J. had a team of all common cards, including his favorites--Vibe and Superman. When we played in the second round, I almost knocked him out but he was able to field both Superman and Vibe at their top levels along with a sidekick, dealing a whopping 15 points of damage to me. I thought I was fairly safe with 14 points of life but I wasn't. J. won all of his other games and came in first place for the event! Firestorm was the pecial card, preventing an opponent from fielding Justice League characters while he is in the field). Martian Manhunter was the participation prize and he is not so amazing (fist characters deal him no damage?!?).

Event 4 prizes

We are looking forward to next month's big finale for the Trinity War play (and maybe some Marvel action in the coming months!).

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