Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tippecanoe Battlefield Museum, Lafayette, Indiana, Part II

More from the Tippecanoe Battlefield Museum! See Part I here.

In 1839 William Henry Harrison, hero of the Battle of Tippecanoe, campaigned successfully to become President of the United States. His candidacy included the famous "Tippecanoe and Tyler too" slogan. The campaign also included several songs, some set to traditional tunes like Auld Lang Syne. Groups would go from town to town, teaching the song and putting on a bit of a show in favor of Harrison's candidacy. It was the first big media campaign for President. At the inauguration, Harrison developed pneumonia and died just one month later.

Campaign materials!

In 1874 the Methodist Church bought the battlefield area and established a camp. The camp was a retreat for churchgoers and a place to go on summer vacation inexpensively. They built many cabins and a large gathering hall.

Items from the Methodist camp

More from the Methodist camp, including a communion dispenser in the lower right

Outside, the battlefield is a wooded area with a large, impressive monument to the U.S. military who fought.

Battle monument


Enlisted casualties

Officer casualties

Many memorials are spread over the area showing where the officers died.

Maj. Davies memorial

Col. Owen Memorial

Capt. Baen Memorial

Lieut. Berry memorial

The battlefield is mostly empty now, with no scars from the war or traces from the Methodist camp.

The battlefield today

One building holds a small nature exhibit with some animals on display and a bird watching station.

Nature Center

I decided to do some geocaching in the area since I was getting lunch too. The nearby town is called Battle Ground and has a few shops and restaurants. I went to a diner across from the fire department. The diner had good food, though when I walked in the waitress told one table they'd better behave themselves in front of a stranger! After finishing lunch, I found a microcache that was hidden on that street. On the way back to the highway, a geocache was located just outside a business, sponsored by the business, and contained refrigerator magnets made by the business. I swapped a Gen Con button for a magnet.

The business

The geojunk

The museum, town, and geocaches made a nice break in a long drive. I'm glad I visited!

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