Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Random Bits from the Summer

Here's a bunch of photos from the summer that didn't make their own blog.

The summer had plenty of outdoor and indoor activities that the children enjoyed.

Back yard swinging combined with a kiddie pool

Making a train track with an elevated line

Eating his first muffin!

Block house happiness

Ready to knock down the block house

Swag from the library's summer reading program

Our Minnesota trip included some fun photo opportunities.

Baby's first glass bottle

My wife and I spent the night in St. Paul before my flight to Gen Con. We went for a walk and dinner and saw some fun buildings along the way.

Cool houses in St. Paul

Apartments and businesses

A church that wasn't open

Moscow on the Hill is a Russian restaurant and vodka bar where we didn't go to dinner. They have a cool book exchange box just outside.

Book deposit

In Indianapolis, I finished reading Unpopular Essays. I decided I didn't want to keep it. Happily, my hotel's parking lot had a perfect disposal solution:

Easy to follow instructions

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