Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cute Kid Pix May 2016

The school had an Enrichment Fair one night in May. All the children showed off their classroom creations and the Gifted and Talented classes had displays in the school's media center (i.e. the library).

My daughter reads one of her book reviews

Various crafts/projects she did

My son copies a book by hand

A picture of us visiting the classroom a few months ago

Toddler is so excited he's drooling!

One home activity we do is make the "ultimate tower of mega-power." Typically, we build a tower as tall as possible with regular blocks. Using the Wedgits, someone made an impressive tower. The toddler did eventually get his hands on it and give it the Godzilla treatment.

Ultimate tower of mega-power

With the coming of summer, we decided to get a kiddie pool for the kids. The toddler was very enthusiastic to try it out. He obviously disregards most cautions about using the pool, e.g. not using electronics in the pool (happily there was no water in it since he violated another caution, namely to use the pool outdoors!).

Fun with a flagrant disregard for practical advice

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