Thursday, June 30, 2016

Daughter's Birthday 2016

My daughter turned seven years old in June. We had a small, day-of celebration at home. We made some cupcakes and managed to squeeze seven candles on it.

Worried whether the cupcake will survive

She blew it!

She opened a bunch of cool presents but only some got pictures. Favorites included the new roller skates and a Pokemon deck.

New skates at the roller rink

Practicing for the limbo


To celebrate with her friends, she had a party at the local roller rink. All the kids had fun, especially my children.

The birthday girl

The older brother

The younger brother (no skates on him)

Older brother in action

Birthday girl doing the hokey pokey (it's not just for weddings)

We made cupcakes again, though with thematic decorations.
Skating cup cakes

Close up

Back at home, we opened the gifts from her friends. The most creative was a lab jacket, mask, hairnet, set of teeth, and dentist tools. My daughter's class had written little essays about which job they'd like as grow ups. She wrote she wanted to be a dentist. One of her friends from school remembered and made a very creative gift!

My daughter, my dentist

This birthday was a great one. We're looking forward to next year!

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