Thursday, June 16, 2016

Savage Fest 2016

We went to Savage Fest, a street festival in the town of Savage. We entered by the standard row of food vendors. My daughter spotted the snow cone booth and was soon in line. She also wanted cotton candy but could wait till later.

Food area

The other vendors

While she was enjoying standing in the snow cone line, I took the toddler for a walk. We discovered a small grass area with a toddler-friendly activity: picking up balls and dropping them in a bucket.

Balls in buckets

We walked further on and found a carpenter-retailer who had some toddler-friendly merchandise.

Recognizing a friend

I can't let go of Thomas's nose!

Further on, we found the Savage Volunteer Fire Department. In addition to showing off their truck, they had a unique fund raiser. Someone donated an old car. People gave money for the opportunity to hit the car with a big hammer/crowbar.

Fire truck


We asked about the windshield and the firefighter said that if we wanted to take a crack at it we'd have to donate one hundred dollars. I'll bet the rate dropped by the end of the day (or maybe they didn't want to pick up all the glass?).

A local grocery store was giving away cookies and other snacks. Our son signed up for the chance to win a basket full of goodies. We usually don't sign up but all they wanted was a home phone number. We let it go.

Signing up for yummy giveaways

Our favorite area was the petting zoo. For a small donation, children got a cup of feed for the animals. All our children loved this. Nothing is ticklier than an animal licking seeds and such out of your hand!

Petting zoo

Feeding sheep

An aggressive snacker

The toddler was fascinated but nervous about feeding the animals.

You want me to do what?!?

Can I feed that bird in that tree?

A lot of the animals were children themselves, like this calf.

Feeding the calf

Young and aggressive, must have learned it from the guy next door

We had a hard time feeding the ducks. After a while, we discovered they liked eating straight from the cup.

Please eat my food!

Another oddball was this sheep who had to put his face sideways through the fence.

I'd do anything for some of those seeds...I'm not stuck up like those ducks!

My son feeding some goats

Two-for-one snacking

My daughter rated the pony ride even more highly than the petting zoo. The boys were not interested in riding.

Riding on a pony!

Itchy leg

A happy rider

My older son went for the inflatable slide.

Inflatable slide

At the top

Going down


He had a consistent slide-style

A church across the corner was having a strawberry festival. We were running out of energy, so I took the toddler and my daughter while Mom and my son went to get the car. We decided to have a dessert--strawberries and ice cream! It fit thematically and was a cool and refreshing treat. The toddler was mostly interested in the strawberries though the ice cream was a nice treat. My daughter was mostly interested in the ice cream though the strawberries were a nice treat.

A good finish to the day

Sharing with her brother

Separating the strawberries from the ice cream

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