Monday, June 13, 2016

Dual/Duel Review: Cookies and Carrots

Dual/Duel reviews are an online smackdown between two books, movies, games, podcasts, etc. etc. that I think are interesting to compare, contrast, and comment on. For a list of other dual/duel reviews, go here.

Here's a tricky Dual/Duel Review--we decided to have two taste test challenges. The first challenge was opposing the sandwich cookie classic Oreos to the knock-off version called "Joe-Joe's" from one of our favorite grocers--Trader Joe's. The cookies look very similar, but do they taste the same?

Joe-Joe vs. Oreo

My son was the first to try. In order to maintain objectivity we blindfolded him. Not having a handkerchief handy we took one of my daughter's hairbands and used it to hide which cookie we were feeding him first.

Tasting a cookie...but which one?

Contemplating the great question

He claimed the ability to tell the cookies apart and he did. No matter what order we fed them to him, he could identify the authentic Oreo. He said Oreos were better but will still eat Joe-Joe's if we have them.

Our other taste test challenge was opposing store-bought carrots to ones grown in our backyard. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Harvested produce (no picture of the store version, sorry)

Cute group photo

We needed more than a blindfold to ensure objective assessments of the carrots. Some careful cutting resulted in carrot pieces that looked and felt similar.

Garden carrot on top

Everyone tried this challenge, with my son claiming an ability to tell these apart as well. He chose the store-bought carrots as best tasting! He usually eats store-bought carrots for a snack, so he's probably used to the flavor. My daughter liked the garden carrots better.

So what's the results?


Garden Carrots and Store-Bought Carrots


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