Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cute Kid Pix June 2016

More pictures of the kids that weren't story enough to make their own blog post.

One day, the toddler had the palest lunch ever--mashed potatoes, plain yogurt, and banana!

At least my bib is colorful

Still tasty even if pasty

He might have been upset, because here he is in a shirt that sure looks like the costume of a Batman villain from the old television series.

The Riddler's mathematical cousin

At the roller rink, my daughter won the limbo contest.  The prize - any item from the snack bar.  Choosing was tough. She had a serious discussion with the snack bar lady and settled on Skittles.

Okay, maybe it wasnt' so serious

One happy winner with her prize!

This picture isn't really a kid's picture, but it is an orphan photo in search of a blog post. My wife and I went to BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse where I had a sampler of their beers.

Four five-ounce beers
From least to best they were the following:
  • Piranah Pale Ale--a lighter IPA, though not light enough to escape my aversion to IPAs.
  • MG something or other--I didn't catch what the waiter called this one, but he said the keg was almost tapped out and they didn't have any more, so this was my only chance to try it. I guess it's a good thing I didn't catch the name because the beer was mediocre.
  • Harvest Hefeweizen--a light and refreshing wheat beer always makes me happy. This one didn't disappoint.
  • Nutty Brewnette--a yummy brown ale that had some darkness and richness (and of course nutty flavor), this was my surprise treat.

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