Wednesday, July 27, 2016

G/T Camp 2016

My school-aged children went to this year's Gifted and Talented Summer Camp held in Howard County. They were in different tracks and so had different experiences.

My daughter was in "Talking Tangrams" which blended learning about folk tales with craftily creating characters out of tangrams. The folk tales came from countries all over the world and included the challenge of recreating characters in the stories.

Cuban myth

The final project was two-fold: narrating a folk tale for presentation to parents on the last day and creating an original folk tale with tangram figures. My daughter wrote the tale of a duck whose garden is attacked by a naughty rabbit. Other animals come to the rescue at the end.

Cover of my daughter's book

The villain!

One of many victims

My son was in the "Math Patterns and Problem Solving." That course included solving pre-algebra problems as well as playing a variety of mathematical games. The range of games ran from Sudoku and Kenken to the popular card games Set and Swish.

Sudoku in progress

Kenken complete

Demonstrating Swish

Playing Swish

He also worked on geometric puzzles, such as creating a mirror image.

Hand drawn

Our youngest son came on the last day and wanted to join in the fun!

Climbing to new heights in academia!

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